Providing Global Leadership in Digital Placemaking & Citizen Centric Smart City Strategies.
Building Better Communities Through the Convergence of Arts, Culture and Technology in the Public Space.
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Digital Placemaking is the integration and appropriate use of technology to support, enhance, or accelerate the strengthening of community connection to a place or new physical site or development. Through collaborative cultural engagement Placemaking enables and supports group processes that help form a sense of shared values within a community and physical site. In practical terms it is the installation and utilisation of digital technologies in the public sphere to enhance culture and community; facilitate urban regeneration programs; promote education and cultural events; encourage public participation and voice – the democratisation of public space.

These technological approaches can include non-commercial urban screens; publicly accessible network infrastructures; interactive installations; augmented reality and location based content; integrated social media strategies; media architecture, projection mapping and other permanent or temporary interactive or media installations. The bases of such programming being the intent to ultimately support greater community connection between people in their shared public spaces.

Emma Shearman – GLOBAL OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (link to bio)
Jeremy Prestwood – TECHNICAL DIRECTOR (link to bio)
John Zib – DIRECTOR OPERATIONS – EUROPE (link to bio)
Susa Pop – CREATIVE DIRECTOR – EUROPE (link to bio) (TBD)
Daniel Latorre – DIRECTOR STRATEGY – NORTH AMERICA (link to bio)
Lubi Thomas – CURATOR / CREATIVE DIRECTOR (link to bio)

Urban Screen Productions is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to support the development of better communities.
We support arts and cultural institutions and organisations, city and state governments, academic institutions and community groups, and occasionally corporate clients with a positive social agenda.
We provide this support through the facilitation of research projects, strategic development and documentation, technical planning and delivery, and policy and process consultancy. We cater for both high level thinking through to the management and delivery of cultural events, content development, international conferences, symposia and workshops focused on digital placemaking and & Citizen Centric engagement.

UTV have an extensive global network of partners, contractors and academic researchers in every market in which we operate.
Our approach is to apply the best resources to the project at hand from with this network. This approach gives us the flexibility to deliver the best results utilising the most appropriate resources to any project requirements.

Major Events
MAB16 – International Conference on Digital Placemaking – Sydney 2016
Digital Publics Symposium – Vivid Sydney 2016
Digital Publics Symposium – Pause Festival 2016
X-Communicate Symposium – Vivid Sydney 2015
One Planet Environmental National Screen Event 2014
One Planet Environmental National Screen Event 2013
International Urban Screens Conference (USM08) 2008

Digital Publics Symposium – Boston, MA 2017
Digital Publics Symposium – Auckland early 2017
Digital Placemaking summit – Vancouver Placemaking Conference 2016

• Assisting in the set-up of an industry co-working space in Melbourne funded by the State Government in collaboration with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image to support emerging businesses in the creative sector as a means of fostering economic development.

• Development of Project for Public Spaces digital placemaking strategy plan. Based in New York, PPS are the worlds leading not for profit consultancy in placemaking. The strategic plan is working on the incorporation of a digital offering and capabilities into their consultative practice.

• Development of Draft strategy to position a leading global LED manufacturer to capitalise on a new market vertical in the non-commercial cultural screen market. Strategy being centralised on urban regeneration and community building in North America.

• Leading a European Commission initiative in the Smart City field titled ‘Citizen City’. This project promotes the agency of citizens that is currently absent in the Smart City dialog. The topics being addressed include primarily citizen engagement and co-creation; citizen and stakeholder communication platforms, citizen centred design. As well as policy and process scope including standards and Key performance indicators, and reporting matrices and portals.

• Developing an international collaborative research project to implement a pilot program for a cultural screens network within refugee camps and processing facilities across Europe. This project aims are to assist with education, cultural support, transition and social integration, as well as provide opportunities for skills training and mentorship.
Establishment of a not for profit International Digital Placemaking Institute that will incorporate and provide a platform for our global network of leading academics and practitioners in this field.

• Consultancy for a major public cultural precinct on seeking a financially viable and sustainable solution for the implementation of a new major Urban Screen installation.
Early stages consultancy project for a development and delivery of a multi million dollar, immersive cultural installation that will explore the indigenous and cultural significance of one of Australia’s most notable landmarks.

Project for Public Spaces – New York
Digital Place-making Institute – New York / Melbourne / Berlin
Media Architecture Institute – Vienna / Sydney / Beijing / New York
Connecting Cities Network – Berlin
Public Art Lab – Berlin