CREATIVES WANTED! Are you someone, or know of someone, looking for exposure for their work? Then read on!

If you’re a Filmmaker, Animator, Motion Artist or Creative, Urban Screen Productions wants to screen YOUR work on our global urban screen network.

We welcome almost everything and we’re eager to showcase work from all creative disciplines — just keep it PG and check the guidelines below before submitting!

Ready to see your work on the big screen? Send a submission and gain international recognition from a world-wide audience.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below or email


  • Categories of work can include: Film, Animation, Graphics, Photography, Fine Arts, Fashion and Architectural Design or others as agreed by UTV
  • Work must be G / PG rated
  • Submissions must provide a high quality digital representation of your work converted to mp4
  • Credits to be included in the submission (digitally on screen with piece)
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