Alongside UTV’s core business of delivering value for our diverse clients’ activations in public space, UTV is an internationally recognised thought leader in the interdisciplinary field of Digital Placemaking.

What is Digital Placemaking?

Digital Placemaking is the strategic deployment of technology to support, enhance, or accelerate community participation in public place. It is a collaborative practice, intended to strengthen community connection in a range of different environments.

In practical terms, it is the installation or utilisation of digital technologies in public space to enhance culture; facilitate urban regeneration programs; deliver education and cultural events; promote public participation and the democratisation of public space.

These technological approaches can include non-commercial urban screens; publicly accessible network infrastructure; interactive installations; augmented reality and location based content; integrated social media strategies; media architecture; responsive lighting; projection mapping and other permanent or temporary interactive or media installations – as long as they ultimately support greater community connection between people in their shared public spaces.

In all cases the technology must be deployed appropriately and in this context includes being accompanied by a well considered strategic vision and necessary ongoing resource support where required. Most importantly the solution should positively support the aspirations of the proposed placemaking and community building objectives it is intended for.


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