Arts Project – Gustav Holst’s – The Planets

Urban Screen Productions, in conjunction with The Concourse, Willoughby Council and the Willoughby Symphony successfully collaborated on the development of an exciting arts project. Funding was secured to produce an artistic interpretation of the seminal orchestral suite – ‘The Planets’ – by English composer Gustav Holst, as a visual accompaniment to a series of live performances of the piece. A special cut down matinee performance of the work specifically for children was also developed. One of Australia’s leading conductors, Anthony Legge conducted the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra for the performance at the Concert Hall on The Concourse in Chatswood. The Willoughby Symphony is Australia’s leading community Orchestral and Choral organisation that annually presents a series of concerts that regularly receive critical acclaim. For each of the 7 movements an artist developed a visual interpretation that played on a large projection screen during the live performance, the artists and the curatorial development was expertly managed by curator Lubi Thomas. UTV were responsible for the digital fly throughs, all the graphics and the project management of the entire project.

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