Digital Publics (From 2015)

UTV has developed and produced a series of symposia under the banner of “Digital Publics”, we are currently in development for the 4th one in this series. The first one was held under a different brand, called x-communicate, in conjunction with UNSW Art and Design as part of Vivid in 2015. The second one was run as Digital Publics and held as part of Pause Fest in Melbourne in early 2016. In 2016 we ran a significant Digital Publics as part of the Media Architecture Biennale held in Chatswood again as part of Vivid in 2016. The fourth Digital Publics will be run again as part of the Media Architecture Biennale (MAB18) but this time in Beijing in November 2018. The last two have had a specific theme of Digital Placemaking and have been an initiative of the Digital Placemaking Institute and produced by UTV. The fifth in the series is already in development for delivery early to mid 2019.

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