Renee Bevan

Renee brings over 15 years experience producing everything from photography and TV commercials to digital, events and installations. Her work includes fashion and advertising campaigns, film premieres, brand launches as well as digital and post-production management.

Having spent her formative years working in research and development and managing special projects for WebMedia, Renee has always had an affinity for developing technologies.

As a producer she has managed projects across the globe including in the U.K, Spain, France, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the U.S. Often times these projects are created managing remote international stakeholders and involve establishing teams in foreign and unfamiliar environments.

With a great deal of her experience being in fashion and the arts, Renee is passionate about the intersection between fashion, art and technology and its potential to educate and instigate lasting change.

Renee is a problem solver who is agile and adaptable in any environment.